In the beginning we had fur and leather, even leaves and grasses.  Then thousands of years ago, human beings began to weave fibers together.  Textiles were one of the first inventions and date back to prehistoric times. Textiles are so prevalent in our lives that they have become part of our collective consciousness.  References to textiles permeate our metaphoric language, i.e., “hanging by a thread,” “moral fiber,” "rags to riches."

Industrialization in the 1800’s, along with the invention of automated power looms, changed the speed at which fabrics are woven.  However, the basic fabric types, plain weave, twill, and satin weave have remained the same over the ages. It is astounding to think that only 200 years have passed since all fabrics were woven by hand.  

At ANICHINI we strive to offer you the best and most interesting textiles in every category, from the rare and subtle handlooms to the most durable and unique contract fabrics.