Kanishka Hand Loomed Silks

TANSEN I - Hand Loomed Silks


The TANSEN I Collection is a grouping of very versatile hand loomed silks woven in classic weaves - chevron, herringbone, and twill - to name a few. Twenty four fabrics in four beautiful weaves.


TANSEN II Hand Loomed Silks


The TANSEN II Collection expands upon the TANSEN I Collection with even more versatile, textured hand loomed silks. Twenty four fabrics in three beautiful weaves.


True Story Collection - Hand Loomed Silks


The True Story Collection of silks have been hand loomed for centuries in northeastern India near Bihar. They are all traditional designs, still used today for clothing and in people's homes.
Twenty seven sheer and opaque weaves.



We at Anichini have a passion for all things authentic.  Hand loomed fabrics are at the top of our list!
These textiles are produced in a manner that has been handed down through the millenia.  Hand loomed textiles have a quality of richness and depth missing from commercially produced textiles.  There are irregularities and nuances of color and texture that are deeply pleasing to the eye and hand.
Handlooms are the genuine article" of textiles...



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